• A one-on-one discipleship program written by Pastor Mike Fabarez

    Partners 1 ON 1


About the program

What is the Partners Program?

The Partners Program is designed to get you personally connected on a
weekly basis with a mature and growing Christian in order to help you
advance in your understanding and application of ten biblical themes that
are critically important in the Christian life.
After the experience of being led through the challenging chapters in the
Partners Workbook the real growing and gratifying experience begins as
you allow yourself to be used by God to guide someone else through the
same material.

Each chapter in the Partners Workbook becomes the basis for your
weekly meetings with your chosen or assigned partner, who has already
been through the program. The chapters will direct you to read sections
of the Bible that relate to that week’s topic and you will be prompted to
answer specific questions about the implications and application of those
verses. Then, when meeting with your partner, you will discuss the truths
you have studied, seek to sharpen your understanding and grow in your
devotion to Jesus Christ.

“…a one-on-one setting maximizes the opportunity
for spiritual growth and accountability.”

Life changing!

A Spiritual growth program designed for new or longtime believers who are serious about maturing in their faith.
A program which overviews the fundamental issues of the Christian faith.

More than just a Bible Study

Designed to help you learn how to live an effective, pleasing Christian
A ten chapter program which can be completed in 14 weeks.
A program which prepares you to teach what you have been taught.

Build relationships

The context and setting of Partners is also used by God to forge new lasting Christian friendships. Focused times of biblical discussion, prayer and accountability prove to be mutually encouraging, supportive and edifying.

How it works


Help people enhance their walk with Jesus by learning how to live an effective and pleasing Christian life, and to put into practice what they are learning.

In the Partners Workbook you will be exploring the following ten important aspects of the Christian life:

  • Being Sure About Your Relationship With God
  • Deepening Your Knowledge of God
  • Learning to Study the Bible on Your Own
  • Developing an Effective Prayer Life
  • Living a Life That is Led by the Holy Spirit
  • Being Intentional About Biblical Fellowship
  • The Importance of a Good Local Church
  • Learning to Love the Family of God
  • Sharing the Gospel with People Who Need It
  • Striving to be Holy in an Unholy World


To get started with the Partners Program, click the “Purchase” button below and follow the instructions.

Pick a partner

Your Partner should be a mature and growing Christian who has completed the Partners Program. Contact your church’s Partner Program administrator to get connected with a leader. If you would like to get Partners started at your church, please contact us to help you get started.

Kick-Off meeting

Your Partners experience will begin with a kick-off meeting where you will meet and get to know your Partner, overview how Partners works, and schedule meeting times for each chapter.

Weekly meetings

Each week you will meet with your Partner to discuss the chapter you completed. Here you will have a chance to ask questions about what you learned and deepen your understanding of God, the Bible and Christianity.


With this version of Partners, you get full access to all the online Partners manual content from any computer just by logging into your account. All corresponding verses for each chapter are laid out in a separate pane for easy reference. And an English Standard Version (ESV) Bible is built right into the site to conveniently look up verses as well. Type your answers right into the manual and all your responses, notes, and questions are saved on our secure servers for convenient access wherever you log in. If you are a tablet user, we have also developed native apps for both the iPad and Android tablets that will sync to your web version. And just in case you need to look up something quickly, the handy search function will find it in the manual. (App only works with tablets running Android or iOS. App does not work on smartphones like Galaxy Note or iPhone, Kindle Fire, or Windows phone.)


Normally the price for both the web and tablet version would be $20, but we recognize that many people switch between both a computer and a tablet (iPad or Android) so we have combined both versions into one low price:

Step 1: Click the Purchase button and fill in your payment information on the following page.

Step 2: A transaction receipt email will be sent to you. And you will also receive a 2nd Welcome to Partners email with your Access Code. Please check your spam or junk folder if you do not see it in your inbox. If you do not receive an email please let us know through the contact form below.

Step 3: Follow the link in your Welcome to Partners email and enter the email you used to sign up with and the Access Code included in the email and click Send.

Step 4: You will be directed to your profile page. Please enter a password for your profile click Save to start using online Partners.

Step 5: Go to iTunes to download the iPad App or to Google Play to download the Android App.

Step 6: Open the App and enter your log in information to start using Partners on your tablet.

$14.99 for both the web and tablet version.

To purchase the Partners Apps,
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